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Femcove's audience represents the most accomplished and engaged network of millennials from a wide range of industries and sectors, including the arts, education, energy, finance, healthcare, technology, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, philanthropy, retail, transportation and many more. We reach our community of professionals through development programs, daily original content, curated offline community events and social engagement.


     95% college educated


                87% ages 22-35


                93% women


                                      PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES


Femcove continues to seek partners from various industries to fund program costs through a variety of sponsorship opportunities and donations. Benefits of sponsorship are substantial. In addition to public recognition as a leading supporter of Femcove, programs are designed to help channel the flow of information and authentic connection among partners. Sponsors will be able to gain access and connection to some of the most influential millennial's responsible for creating the content that impacts our culture, drives trends and reaches consumers worldwide.




Our audience consists of innovative professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs who are determined to make a positive global impact. We are always seeking to collaborate with coaches, strategists, and other industry experts to provide business services and business tools to propel our members to take the next step in their careers, from advancement in their current position to launching a new venture.



Successful customer experience designers understand the importance of empowering women. Embarking on what was traditionally perceived as riskier moves - like breaking female stereotypes- now positively impacts a brands bottom line. We like to work with brands that highlight the benefits of promoting equality and uplifting messages as a process of collective betterment. Our affiliate incentive program is for local and national partnerships looking to provide Femcove with products, services or access to programs that help support millennial women.


                                   ready to work together?

We are committed to developing and cultivating partnerships that enable companies and brands to have a greater impact in society and deepen engagement with their core audiences.